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Clayton County Tax Assessors - Commercial Appraiser III (Open Until Filled)

Columbus Consolidated Government - Deputy Chief Appraiser (Open Until Filled)

Dawson County Board of Assessors - GIS Analyst/Appraiser (Closing Date January 23,2015)

Gwinnett County Board of Assessors - Personal Property Appraiser I,II,III or IV (Closing date Feb 3, 2015)

Harris County Board of Assessors - GIS Specialist / Appraiser (Open Until Filled)

Jeff Davis County Board of Assessors - Chief Appraiser (Open Until Filled)

Miller County Board of Assessors - Part Time Field Appraiser (Closing Date January 23, 2015)

Newton County Board of Assessors - Chief Appraiser (Open Until Filled)

Troup County Board of Assessors - Appraiser I (Open Until Filled)


Georgia Department of Revenue - Various Positions

Georgia County & City Jobs Listing - Various

I.A.A.O. Jobs Listings - Various


Georgia Department of Revenue - Various Positions

Position Title: Real Estate Appraiser (click here for pdf) - Closing Date 10-21-2014 

Position Title: Various Positions

County or Business Name: Georgia Department of Revenue

Closing Date: Various

Job Description: To view job opportunities with the Georgia Department of Revenue, please visit :

Notice to Applicants: Most DOR temp and regular jobs require the Revenue Employee Test, which covers spelling (8 questions), mathematics (6 questions), math word problems (4 questions),

reading comprehension (5 questions), punctuation (3 questions), and grammar (7 questions). To take the test, you need to have an account on and register for the test on that site.

See the calendar and tutorial on this page for more information.

Contact Information: Please contact the Human Resources Office at (404) 417-2140 if you have any questions concerning employment opportunities.


Georgia County & City Jobs Listing - Various

Position Title: Various County or Business Name: Georgia County & City Jobs Listing To view job opportunities with Georgia's Counties and Cities visit:

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  Clayton County Tax Assessors - Commercial Appraiser III (Open Until Filled)

Position Title: Commercial Appraiser III

County or Business Name: Clayton County Tax Assessors

Closing Date: Open until filled

Job Description: MUST MEET MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate, Business, or closely related field preferred; or High School diploma or GED and two (2) years previous experience and/or training in appraisal work, construction cost estimation, and personal computer operations.

Must successfully complete 40 hours of approved training every two (2) years. Must possess and maintain a valid Georgia driver’s license.

NATURE OF WORK: The purpose of this classification is to determine the fair market value of commercial property within Clayton County.

SOME OF THE ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES INCLUDE: Establishes and verifies accounts for commercial property; reviews information submitted by the taxpayer or representative on various forms; inputs data into computer to calculate value and update information; establishes sales market adjustments; reappraises properties due to lot splits, combinations, and zoning changes; verifies all sales transactions; inspects property to verify information and to value property; uses appraisal methods practices to determine property value; uses audit techniques and procedures in reviewing tax documents; locates property using parcel maps; answers questions and solves problems of taxpayers, other counties, other employees and other departments; assists other counties with information requests and procedures; assists taxpayers who have received delinquent notices from the Tax Commissioner’s Office by researching accounts and adjusting property values if necessary; assists taxpayer representatives with information, values, and solutions to existing problems with their clients within Clayton County; adjusts property valuations throughout the year due to appeals or information submitted by the taxpayer or representative; updates files, and work with other departments within Clayton County to attain submitted by the taxpayer or representative; drives County vehicle in the performance of appraisal duties; maintains County vehicle and supplies; meets with taxpayer or representative to negotiate settlements for property tax appeals. Performs other related duties as required.

Tasks require the ability to exert moderate, though not constant physical effort.

Additional Requirements: Must successfully complete the Georgia Appraiser III examination within 24 months of employment.

Salary: $ 38,475 ANNUALLY

Contact Information: TO APPLY:

Applications may be submitted on-line at our County Website or delivered to the Human Resources Department at

120 Smith Street, Jonesboro, GA  30236


Clayton County, Georgia is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

E-Mail address:



  Columbus Consolidated Gov - Deputy Chief Appraiser (Open Until Filled)

Job Opening:  Deputy Chief Appraiser.

Job Description: The Deputy Chief will coordinate annual appraisal of real estate parcels and personal property accounts to formulate the tax digest and preparation of the annual Muscogee County tax digest. Supervise and directs

the operation of the office of the Board of Tax Assessors. Assists the staff in modern valuation and assessment techniques and procedures. Coordinates employee continuing education program to maintain certifications. Assist the 

Chief Appraiser in performing complex statistical analysis; interprets and implements government policies, ordinances, statutes, and regulations; formulates office policies, procedures, and rules. In absence of Chief Appraiser represents the

Board of Tax Assessors at public meetings; assists the Chamber of Commerce in efforts to attract new industries to Muscogee County. Prepare and administer the department budget. Maintains and expands job knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Interviews potential new employees; responsible for department employee performance and disciplinary actions. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge of the principles, methods, and practices of all methods of real and personal property valuation. Knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations of the state concerning ad valorem taxation.

Knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and automated systems. Knowledge of deeds, legal descriptions, mapping, data processing, and geographic information systems. Skill in interpreting and explaining statutory requirements, regulations, and procedures.

Skill in analyzing and solving management problems. Skill in planning, developing, and presenting ideas, concepts, plans, designs, schedules, and status reports. Skill in the valuation and grading of complex properties. Skill in interpersonal relations.

Skill in oral and written communication.

Baccalaureate degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Finance or Accounting with additional training related to residential/commercial/personal property appraisal and assessment. Master’s Degree preferred.

Five plus years experience and knowledge sufficient to thoroughly understand and coordinate diverse objectives and functions of property tax administration.

Ability to meet necessary requirements of Appraiser IV as mandated by the Georgia Department of Revenue. Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver's license issued by the State of Georgia for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.

The Columbus Consolidated Government offers an exceptional compensation and benefits packet.

Salary range: $60,475.17 - $92,020.13 with starting salary dependent upon the qualifications and experience of the selected candidate. Benefits include the following:

 Low-cost Medical Insurance Prescription Drug Card

Flexible Benefit Plan Retirement Plan
Dental Programs Life Insurance Plans
Supplemental Life Insurance Deferred Compensation Plans
Long Term Disability Vacation Leave
Sick Leave 11 Paid Holidays
Direct Deposit & Credit Union Employee Assistance Program

How To Apply

Apply on-line only at
Candidates will be evaluated throughout the recruiting period.

Questions and inquiries may be directed to:

Reather Hollowell
Human Resources Director
Columbus Consolidated Government
P. O. Box 1340
Columbus, Georgia 31902-1340
Telephone: 706-653-4059

An Equal Opportunity Employer



   Dawson County Board of Assessors - GIS Analyst/Appraiser (Closing January 23, 2015)

Position Title: GIS Analyst/Appraiser

County or Business Name: Dawson County Board of Assessors

Closing Date: January 23rd, 2015

Job Description: JOB SUMMARY:

 This position is to maintain tax maps and property records; the employee will utilize the Arc Geographic Information System to maintain current Dawson County tax maps. This includes working splits, combinations, parcel line changes and ownership data stored in the mapping system. In order to complete all of the mapping requirements, the applicant must be able to interpret the deeds and plats. Using Arc GIS, the individual would be responsible for producing a variety of other maps for the Tax Assessor’s Office; such as soil maps, delineate timber maps, neighborhood, and various other maps to assist in the appraisal process. The individual will be responsible for ownership & parcel records in the Dawson CAMA (Computer-assisted mass appraisal) system. Other duties include general assistance with regular projects or tasks performed by the Assessor’s office including, but not limited to tax payer inquiries, field appraisals and appeals.


1. Perform changes and updates to Dawson County’s Geographic Information System within the boundaries of data used and accessed by the Tax Assessor Office only.

 2. Perform deed and plat research to insure Dawson County records reflect the correct ownership and boundaries of all property located in Dawson County. Will work with deeds and state PT-61 forms to enter sales data into our CAMA (Computer-assisted mass appraisal) system.

 3. Participates in the development of values assigned to property that has been split, combined, rezoned, or incorporated into the city. Responsible for the entry of those values once developed into the CAMA system.

 4. Responsible for data entry as pertaining to ownership, homesteads, and addresses into the county mass appraisal software.

 5. Monitor the County Tax Assessor website to insure updates are being reflected. Will coordinate with the website vendor to correct any issues that may occur with the GIS data.

 6. Maintain a record of the parcels that have had adjustments or changes made. Along with what changes were made to the property.

 7. Will provide training and education for the staff of the Board of Tax Assessors in the area of GIS.

 8. Produce maps illustrating values, reviews, neighborhoods, zoning, soil types, timber, and any others that may be applicable to this office.

 9. Assist in the production of Conservation Use values using the GIS data base.

 10. Maintains the training requirements to hold a minimum of an Appraiser I certification from the Georgia Department of Revenue.

 11. Assist the general public and professionals in person, via email, or telephone. Also assist coworkers with field appraisals and other duties.

 12. Work with Planning, the City, or others to obtain data for the use of the Assessor’s Office.

 13. Performs related duties as required.

*See Job Post @

Additional Requirements: *See Dawson County "Job Openings" page on County Website*

Salary: 11.00-14.20/Hr

Additional Info: Contact Dawson County Human Resources for application 706-344-3500

Legal Notes: Dawson County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Drug Free Workplace

Contact Information: Dawson County Human Resources 706-344-3500 Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.

E-Mail address:



 Gwinnett County Tax Assessors Office - Personal Property Appraiser I,II,III or IV (Closing 2-3-15)

Position Title: Personal Property Appraiser I, II, III, or IV

County or Business Name: Gwinnett County Board of Tax Assessors

Closing Date: Feb 3, 2015

Job Description: Annual Salary will be based on qualifications, experience and current GA Department of Revenue appraiser certification level:

Level I: $36,689; Grade B23(2)

Level II: $39,889; Grade B24(2)

Level III: $43,389; Grade B25(2)

Level IV: $47,187; Grade C41(2)


The Gwinnett County Tax Assessor's Office is responsible for applying the tax code fairly and equitably. This duty requires the review and maintenance of approximately 20,000 Tangible Personal Property Accounts - Boats, Airplanes, and Business Inventory & Equipment. The department is widely recognized for service excellence. We are committed to provide the highest quality customer service to the citizens of Gwinnett County.

Position Summary:

A Personal Property appraiser reviews and processes tax returns based on standard operating procedures; valuation guides for boats and airplanes, accounting principles for business assets. Responds to citizen questions and concerns regarding the valuation of property and receives additional assistance when necessary. The Appraiser I is the introductory appraisal position in the Tax Assessor's Office and works under close supervision. Higher level appraisers (II,III, IV) handle more complex appraisal functions. This appraiser position will work in the Personal Property Section and will report to the Appraiser Manager for the Section.


Education/Experience and Licensure Requirements:

Appraiser I: High School Diploma plus one year of related experience; Seeking Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or Finance with experience in asset accounting/book-keeping preferred.ust.  Must gain App I certification from the GA Dept of Revenue within the first 12 months of employment.

Appraiser II: High School Diploma plus 2 years of related experience; Appraiser II Certification from the GA Department of Revenue; Seeking Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or Finance with experience in asset accounting/book-keeping preferred

Appraiser III: High School Diploma plus 4 years of related experience; Appraiser III Certification from the GA Department of Revenue; Seeking Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or Finance with experience in asset accounting/book-keeping preferred.

Appraiser IV: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Accounting or Finance or related degree plus 5 years of appraisal experience, OR 13 years of appraisal experience; Appraiser IV Certification form the GA Department of Revenue.


Salary: See Above

Legal Notes: Must apply on-line at

Contact Information: Steve Pruitt 770-822-7212

E-Mail address:


  Harris  Board of Assessors - GIS Specialist / Appraiser (Open Until Filled)

Position Title : GIS Specialist / Appraiser

County or Business Name: Harris County Board of Assessors

Closing Date: Until Filled Job Description

Job Description:


           Operates and maintains GIS System to include development of reports, maps, and divisions of property within the County and to include the training and supervision of others

within the office to use the GIS system.

             Works with other Departments within the County to develop and implement specific uses     of the GIS System for each Department.

             Conducts appraisals of property; performs site inspections of real property; measures and records property size, shape, square footage, and related data;prepares property sketches;

calculates appraised value of property.

            Reads and interprets blueprints, floor plans, maps, and plats.

             Communicates with property owners to provide information/education and resolve problems.

             Provides testimony at Board of Equalization and court hearings as needed.


             Assists in performing mass revaluation of properties and real property appraisal    

             functions as needed.

             Supervises and assists in mapping procedures of all county properties to include division of properties on the GIS system.

             May operate/maintain a county vehicle in performing inspection activities.

             Performs other related duties as required.


 APPLICATION:  Applications are accepted at the Harris County Board of Commissioners, 104 North College Street, Post Office Box 365, Hamilton, GA 31811, until position is filled. 

Resumes without completed applications are not accepted.  Hiring is dependent upon drug screening, driving history, criminal and background checks.  Harris County is an EOE. 

An application form may be found online at

 APPLICATION PERIOD: Open until filled.  


   Jeff Davis C Board of Assessors - Chief Appraiser (Open Until Filled)

Position Title: Chief Appraiser

County or Business Name: Jeff Davis County

Job Description: Jeff Davis County Tax Assessors - Chief Appraiser (Open Until Filled)

Position Title: Chief Appraiser County or Business Name: Jeff Davis County

Closing Date: Until filled Job Description:

This position is responsible for supervising the daily operations of the Tax Assessors' Office and managing the development and preparation of the annual county tax digest ensuring all residential,

commercial, personal and industrial property be assessed equitably and fairly.

1. Candidates must possess a minimum of an Appraiser III certification, as mandated by the Georgia Department of Revenue. Candidate must also be computer literate and be skilled in both written and

oral communications. Must possess, or be able to obtain, a valid Georgia driver's license. Experience and educational background will be considered.

2. The ideal candidate in addition to possessing the above certifications and licenses should possess familiarity with the WinGAP and GIS software. Candidates must be able to provide digest projections and

participate in public presentations, prepare information for review and/or presentation to the Board of Assessors, interact with other county departments and regulatory agencies and perform other duties as assigned.

Prior experience as a Chief Appraiser or experience in an appraisal supervisory position is preferred. This person must possess strong interpersonal skills, and an ability to relate to a wide variety of people.

3. Possess comprehensive knowledge of current tax law, and budget preparation and administration. Interview and makes hiring recommendations, plans and assigns work, reviews and evaluates

performance of the Board of Assessor staff. Provides technical advice and assists in policy development.

4. Candidates must provide documentation of identity and eligibility for employment in the United States. Successful candidate must submit to a physical examination, background check and 7 year MVR inquiry.

5. Performs other related duties as required.

Contact Information: Jeff Davis County Board of Tax Assessors

14 Jeff Davis St

Hazlehurst, GA 31539




E-Mail address:


   Miller County Board of Assessors - Part Time Field Appraiser (January 23, 2015)

Position Title: Part Time Field Appraiser

County or Business Name: Miller County Assessors

Closing Date: January 23, 2015 at 5 pm

Job Description: Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to collecting data for performing appraisals and establishing valuation of real property in the county.  Responsible for entering and updating county tax records and must have the ability to read county tax maps.  Provides assistance to the public related to tax assessments and questions.  Will require working with office staff, Board of Assessors, elected officials and other county departments proving information related to property values. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Additional Requirements: Applicant must be 21 years of age or older, and possess a high school diploma or its equivalent; maintain a valid Georgia driver’s license and have no adverse driving record or felony conviction. Individual should be able to interact with the public, provide good customer service, have an understanding of basic office equipment and computer skills. Applicant should have good common skills in conducting basic mathematical equations and good communication skills, both oral and written. Applicant must be able to pass a criminal background check and pre-employment drug screening.

Salary: DOQ

Additional Info: This position requires that the employee satisfactorily completes a 90 day probationary period.

Legal Notes: Miller County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and participates in a Zero Tolerance Policy.

Contact Information: Miller County Assessors Office

111 N. First Street

Colquitt, GA 39837

(Ph) 229-758-4100 (Fax)229-758-3946




   Newton Board Of Assessors- Chief Appraiser (Open Until Filled)




 Job Description: POSITION SUMMARY:

 This position manages the daily operations of the Tax Assessors’ Office and the development and preparation of the annual county tax digest ensuring all property is assessed equitably and fairly.

The Chief Appraiser is primarily responsible for upper-level appraisal tasks and meeting timetables and regulatory deadlines.  The Chief Appraiser shall be appointed annually by the

Board of Tax Assessors and shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.


•Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or equivalent experience.

•Experience as a Chief Appraiser or in an appraisal supervisory position is preferred.

•Five years of progressively responsible related experience; or, •Any combination of education, training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

 Additional Requirements: Please provide a recent copy of a 3 year motor vehicle report (MVR) issued within the last 60 days.


Legal Notes: SELECTION PROCESS: A Newton County Employment Application MUST BE RECEIVED at 1124 Clark St. Covington, GA 30014.  Applications are available in our office or online at

 Newton County : Career Opportunities

We will contact by phone or mail only those applicants whose qualifications most closely meet our requirements and are selected to move forward in the process.  

We comply with the Drug Free Workplace Guidelines. EOE

 Contact Information: Newton County Board of Commissioners Website:

 E-Mail address: us

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  Troup County Board of Assessors - Appraiser I (Open Until Filled)

Position Title: Appraiser I

County or Business Name: Troup County Board of Assessors

Closing Date: Until Filled

Job Description: The purpose of this job is to review and appraise the typical types of residential properties in Troup County. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to: locating and valuing parcels of property; gathering all information needed for appraisal of property; preparing and supporting documentation to defend contested assessments; assisting general public; and performing additional tasks as assigned.  The purpose of this position is to arrive at property valuations that are equitable for all taxpayers throughout the jurisdiction.

Additional Requirements: High school diploma or GED / One to two years related experience and/or training  /  Knowledge of appraisal methods including selection and computation of the appropriate factors influencing the value /of personal property / Knowledge of state and county laws, rules, and regulations regarding property tax and appraisal methods /Proficient with Microsoft office system to include Word and Excel and in the use of typewriter, printer, and calculator Current, valid driver's license; driving record should be free of disqualifying traffic violations as set forth in County guidelines / Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills Obtain an Appraiser I Certification from Georgia Department of Revenue

Salary: Depends on Experience

Legal Notes: Troup County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug Free and Tobacco Free Workplace. Applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, or any other legally protected status.

Troup County Board of Commissioners is a participant in the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security Employment Eligibility Verification Program (E-Verify) which confirms the employment eligibility of all newly hired employees after the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9 Form) has been completed.

Effective October 6, 2014

Employment applications for all Troup County vacancies will be accepted at the Department of Labor at 1002 Longley Place, LaGrange, GA 30241. No Applications will be accepted after 5:00 p.m. of the application deadline date and once a position is filled applications for it will no longer be accepted.

Applications are accepted for listed positions only. A TROUP COUNTY APPLICATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL VACANT POSITIONS AND ALL QUALIFYING INFORMATION MUST APPEAR ON THE APPLICATION. Information from a Resume will not be used to determine if minimum qualifications are met. A Resume in lieu of an application will not be accepted.

Contact Information:

E-Mail address: